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Sexy Boots Tips Published: 17.07.2009 | Author: janetangster97 | Category: Fashion
Sexy boots – I think most of us girls have owned a pair or two. Wearing these sassy shoes not only add a little something to your outfit but make you feel like a hot woman. But there are a lot of no-no’s that women make when wearing sexy boots. So here are a few tips to finding sexy boots.

Rule One: Find a boot that has an extra high heel.

We all know what makes a boot a sexy boot are the heels’and the higher the better. Stiletto heels are the norm Wholesale Jerseys From China , but a nice wedge boot can also do the trick. High heeled boots are made to make you show off your legs, so remember when wearing these sexy boots walk with pride and a little sass.

Rule Two: Keep out the trashy.

Just because something is sexy does not mean you have to compromise class. There is a fine line between sexy and trashy. So when searching for the perfect sexy boot, stray away from 5-inch platforms, tons of pleather, or basically anything a dominatrix would wear. Frankly, boots that fall into this criteria or not only impractical in everyday life, but they’re also distracting and not in a good way. Boots like these can only be worn once a year Wholesale Jerseys China , on Halloween.

Rule Three: Stick to something simple.

You wouldn’t imagine what a sexy and simple high heeled tall boot could do for your look. Gravitating towards boots that have simple lines can really do wonders. Some designs that make an essential sexy boot are an ultra high heeled bootie or a tall boot. Also, look for a boot that creates a nice arch to your feet because it will definitely make your feet and overall posture look hot.

Boots like these are sexy because you can dress up any outfit and look sassy at the same time. Some brands to look out for that has a wide array of simple but chic sexy boots are Jessica Simpson and Bcb girls.

Rule Four: Try a boot that’s unique.

Once you have all the basics down, find a boot that has breaks against the norm. I’m not saying go completely mad here, but be a little adventurous when finding a great pair of sexy boots. Like a boot that has some cool detailing or interesting design. Brands like Report have awesome boot designs like their bootie sandals which is an interesting mix of a boot, sandal and a dash of sexy all wrapped up into one. Also Steve Madden has a beautiful collection of sexy boots that have great detailing that any girl can appreciate. So if you want a sexy boot that’s strays away from the norm, try one that has great design elements and detailing.

There you go; the four simple rules to finding a great pair of sexy boots. Whether a tall boot or a bootie, sexy boots are the way to go when you want to bump up the sass appeal. So girls Wholesale China Jerseys , try these tips and you’ll find your perfect pair of sexy boots in no time.

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