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Zytronic focus on innovative touch sensor production Wholesale Hydro Flask 12 OZ , announced the launch of the new ZYBRID ® sensor series, the series using transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) as the sensing medium into orbit, and use the existing copper chain electrode sensors complement each other. Compared to other existing Internet-based Capacitive ITO’s Farah capacitor (pro-cap) products, new product has significant advantages, especially for small, enhanced touch devices. New sensors based on ITO, using Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology proprietary (PCT ™), and the company’s existing touch-sensor combination complement each other Hydro Flask 12 OZ Sale , penetrate thick glass, even with gloved hands (both of these will hinder or mutual capacitance to prevent the traditional type of Farah operation of capacitive sensing solutions), accurately detect the touch.

In addition, the manufacturing process so that the new product line for production of large industrial uses, such as medical tablet PCs, home appliances and automotive applications of some novel human-machine interface (HMI) surface. ITO is a conductive material can be deposited close to a transparent structure, in the display and touch screen industry has been widely used. Zytronic will initially supply 7-inch (177.8 mm), 8 inches (203.2 mm) and 8.4 inches (213.36 mm) display format of the ITO touch sensor Hydro Flask 10 OZ Wine Tumbler Sale , and then will introduce larger touch sensor.

These products can be used as flexible polyester (PET) sensors, assembled by the customer laminated, or 7,000 square meters in Zytronic company, class 100 clean room facilities in the pre-laminated to the glass. To provide customers with an option before the cnreation of truly custom design opportuities, as PET can be used in a number of surface sensors can also be applied to the plane. At the same time, it has the penetration ability to touch a variety of materials testing, making the car HMI designers to seamlessly integrate the touch control device to the high dashboard Hydro Flask 10 OZ Sale , while the traditional method is to frame around the screen embedded in the center console. Zytronic touch sensor based on the new ITO, use and award-winning company based on the existing PCT touch sensors detect the same combination of self capacitance, frequency sensing patented method, the design with the latest ZXY100 controller chip set and driver package is compatible.

This means that, Zytronic can be delivered to customers complete solutions, greatly reducing development time. It also allows designers to use the rapid prototyping of copper chain electrode ZYBRID environmental sensors, continuously push forward the project development stage, and production requirements in the face when migrating to mass production through the ITO sensors http://www.hydroflaskswholesale.com/ , all of which touch the system without changing the supporting hardware software. In addition, the growing popularity of ZXY100 touch controller also has the rapid response, and dual-touch gesture recognition capabilities, so that customers benefit.

Today, the surge in demand for consumer flat-panel PC is expected to make similar devices in the industry and the increased use of public use, so Zytronic the PCT expected to ITO-based sensors will be incorporated into the delivery operators, field engineers, nurses Cheap Hydro Flask , warehouse staff etc. used in enterprise applications start a new batch of touch, hand-held devices, in these applications, a high level of durability is essential, and the need to wear gloves to operate. In addition, household appliances and automotive industries for design aesthetics, ergonomics and health and other reasons, constantly sought to use touch-screen interactive features replace mechanical switches and dials Hydro Flask Sale , it is expected that the new product line offers Zytronic touch-sensitive depth in these markets will lead to product designer’s interest. “Zytronic touch sensor based on ITO’s new is our continued development of electronic and materials engineers to the crystallization of PCT.

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