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Every one seeks adventure of some kind. It could be swimming in the seas of Puerto Vallarta Yannick Carrasco Madrid Jersey , or going on the adventurous canopy tours; adventure of some sort is essential for life. When the word adventure comes to mind, traditional objects and entities also spring to an individual?s mind. So this is for all the animal lovers out there, the Rancho Capomo Ride in Puerto Vallarta, is going to be your ticket to adventure. If you love horses and love riding then this is the perfect tour for you.

This horseback riding tour is 6 hours long, approximately. It travels and journeys through Sierra Madre which is the very green and is breathtaking tropical rain forest of Puerto Vallarta. On this tour you will also pass the beautiful village of Las Palmas. This tour is not only enjoyable but it will also act as an eye opener for you. You will be able to see the ecological beauty of Puerto Vallarta and trust me, it will leave you quite breathless!

On this remarkable Rancho Campomo tour you will embark on a journey that you may never be able to forget. Journeying through the meandering trail of the jungle which is full of bountiful flora and greenery will open your eyes to the beautiful and natural side of Puerto Vallarta. You will also see a waterfall that gushes and gurgles away Angel Correa Madrid Jersey , almost beckoning you to dive into it. You can even swim through the water that pools down below, and this will surely be a different and unique swimming experience. You will also pass through various different rivers of diverse shapes and sizes, on these moments, a camera will come in handy. Towards the end of your horseback riding tour, before going back, you will be treated to a great traditional Mexican lunch.

This tour takes place daily at 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. therefore the duration of this tour is approximately 6 hours. This tour includes a round-trip transportation facility Augusto Fernandez Madrid Jersey , a great continental breakfast, an inspiring 3 hour long horseback ride and relaxing fun at the waterfall while swimming. You will also be provided with a traditional Mexican Lunch with chilled soft drinks and beer. And the best part is that you will have an English speaking guide who will continuously point out different places to you.

For this amazing trip do not forget your sunscreen, you would need it while riding out in the sun. Make sure you also pack an insect repellent with you since in a natural environment you might come across insects. Wear comfortable tennis shoes so that you may be able to walk around easily. You should also wear long pants and not shorts because you will get raw by wearing shorts. Do not forget your swim suit and towel because the waterfall can become very tempting. The weight limit for this tour is 240 lbs which is 110 kg.

There are several different pick up locations which depart at different times. The one that departs from Conchas Chinas departs at 8:40 a.m., the one that departs from Marina Vallarta (Collage) departs at 9:10 a.m., the tour from Nuevo Vallarta (Plaza del Faro) departs at 8:40 a.m. and the one from Nuevo Vallarta (Hacienda Palma Real) departs at 8:55 a.m. Children of 6 years and above can come for this trip. The price for kids is $ 33.75 pesos and for adults is $67.50. Come and enjoy this beautiful ecological tour of Puerto Vallarta.

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