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Treatment of impotence and melanoma is possible with Viagra Health Articles | April 20 Cheap Nike Jordan Shoes , 2012

In this article you will find important information on Viagra dosages and factors you must consider while using this medication. It also tells you about the probability that Viagra can be used successfully for treating serious health conditions like cardiac function and skin cancer (melanoma).

A medication doesn聮t become a cultural icon just for the magnificence of promotional strategies or the amount of money spent by the medication producers to ensure its circulation. The uniqueness of its composition, pioneering treatment method with adequate safety and success rate to treat a health condition play the most important role in this context. Viagra, one of the greatest discoveries by the 20th century medical science, comprises all these qualities and rightfully claimed a niche in the history of modern medicines and popular culture.

The early days:

The history Viagra discovery is often referred as an accident, a common trait of several landmark innovations that changed the course of human existence. The Pfizer Inc. actually planned to introduce a medication that could treat angina or chest pain effectively. The course of this quest led the scientists to synthesize a chemical Cheap Air Jordan Shoes , sildenafil citrate. It was hoped that the newly synthesized medication would treat angina by increasing blood flow in cardiac arteries but clinical experiments showed that sildenafil citrate helped to improve erectile function more effectively than treating angina. Observing this outcome, it didn聮t take long for the Pfizer authorities to change their plans and on March, 1998 sildenafil citrate was launched under the brand name Viagra as the first oral impotence treatment prescription medication.

Viagra dosages:

The PDE5 inhibitory property of sildenafil citrate, the core composition of Viagra, helps users to get a strong erection when they are sexually stimulated. This medication actually stops PDE enzyme from secreting and keeps the muscles on the inner wall of penile arteries relaxed so that additional blood flow Cheap Jordan Retro , sufficient for a penile erection, can happen. However, an important reason for selling this medication as a prescription impotence treatment medication is to stop people from taking wrong or unsuitable Viagra dosages. This medication is available in three different strengths 聳 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Only a registered physician has the discretion to recommend the right strength with strict consideration of a person聮s physical condition.

The possibility of Viagra usage for diverse purposes and side effects:

The possibility of using Viagra to treat other health conditions, apart from erectile dysfunction Cheap Air Jordan , is widening up gradually. The recent clinical experiments by a team of German scientists have shown that sildenafil citrate can reduce the rapid spreading of melanoma, the worst of all types of skin cancer. Another research program at the Ruhr University has brightened the possibility that the active ingredient of Viagra can improve elasticity of cardiac walls and make it properly. However, each of these findings is at the stage of experimentation and further researches are required to confirm whether this medication can be successfully used for treating conditions like melanoma and unhealthy heart, apart from erectile dysfunction.

However, being careless about use of sildenafil citrate may amount to serious Viagra side effects. The artificial sildenafil when enters your physical system Cheap Jordan Shoes , normally due to non-habituation, people often suffer from minimal side effects, such as 聳 headache, nasal congestion, muscle ache Cheap Jordans , back pain and stomach upset. However, taking this medication more than its prescribed dosage may amount to problems like, sudden rise in blood pressure, renal dysfunction, chest pain http://www.cheapjordanshoesfromchina.com/ , loss of vision and heart rhythm disorder.
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