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Keto Prime Diet sad belly button all right so just so like everybody knows just so everybody knows that this isn't like oh know as the older I get the more I read these studies and how these diseases just feed off the carbs feed ay two today that's why I look a mess but I really enjoy it I'm really excited for a challenge I've never been upper body workout day and then I'm gonna do the running and I'm gonna have to do like day all on its with that kind of give you results I've been looking up some new shoes I'm gonna go ahead and get some do the Brooks ones I found some Brooks ones that I'm gonna go ahead and pick up I went ahead and got some of that it's called like KT Tape or something I'm gonna try to use that on my cuz my cats been really sore from like afterwards and for my knee to try that out and yeah I'm really excited so if you guys are like wanting to join me and do this challenge with me love it let me know down below if you


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