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but the tag does set them apart from the nike roshe run yeezy 2 discount retail version  plus it's hard to imagine someone tearing an OG, deadstock pair up just for the sake of an eBay auction.The auction's done now, with this strange Air Jordan relic finishing at just $180 when the dust settled.Michael Jordan donated millions of dollars to Chicago charities on Tuesday, delivering on his earlier promise to put the settlement he won in a lawsuit against grocery stores Dominick's and Jewel-Osco to good use, according to his advisers.

Shiekh Shoes in Oakland is giving West Coast sneakerheads another chance at a couple of previously sold out Jordans this weekend.The Jordan restock the shop has planned for Saturday, Dec. 19, will feature the "Steel" Jordan 10 and the "Bordeaux" Jordan 7. The Bordeaux has of course been available in plenty of recent restocks, but it's safe to say most stores don't still have the Steel 10 given that the nike roshe run yeezy 2 cheap shoe released back in 2013.Also coming back for this weekend's restock is the "Yeezy" Foamposite Pro.See the fliers here for details on when and where to purchase.

Bots beat you to the latest retro release? New colorway grow on you after you'd previously written it off? Tired waiting on one of the few OG nike roshe run yeezy 2 cheap online colorways left to return? Sneakerheads are forced to the resale market for a number of reasons, and when it's time to take that plunge, knowledge is power.Typically, Air Jordans resell for considerably more than they retailed for, but how much more? Some may not be as much as you'd expect, and you don't want to get ripped off. And if the price seems too good to be true, it just might be. While it's not a foolproof method, knowing the average value that a sneaker is selling for is one of the best ways of weeding out fakes.

Rolo Tanedo Jr. aka dunksrnice: Yes. See, nike roshe run yeezy 2 cheap the thing is that the 1.5 was a potential shoe of how the Air Jordan 1 could have been released. At the time, the company 0000 was going through different changes for that sneaker, but went with the rubber sole rather than polyurethane. It's more of a historical sneaker with comfort, rather than looks. As for the other colorways, I have no issue with it except keep it to the originals.Ace Cervantes aka acervan316: Personally I strongly disliked this idea.

Steve Jaconetta aka ajordanxi: I do like the idea of bring back scrapped ideas years later. It's cool to see them come to light after so long. It's all about continuing to share the history of Air Jordans with Jordan Brand, and even learn more about these concepts in-depth. The AJ 1.5 is actually very comfortable and if you look down at it, you can't even tell it's a 1.5. Don't let the tooling bother you too much.Eric Hsieh aka ahliang119: I think Jordan brand is overdoing it on this concept. I understand the business standpoint, but from the point of view of OG collector like myself, I think this is actually ruining the original image of the Jordan Brand. Just my 2 cents.

Jermaine Tolentino aka Phase 2: I can respect and appreciate the ideolo nike roshe run yeezy 2 buy gy behind these releases. Being a huge fan of unreleased concepts and prototypes, seeing these old samples come to fruition is pretty surreal to me. I have a ton of old photos saved on my hard drive of the original 1.5 hybrid that MJ wore, so I was pretty damn excited when I heard about them actually coming out. I bought two pairs of the Chicago 1.5s on release date, and I was pretty surprised about how easy it was for me. Even more surprising to me was when I start nike roshe run yeezy 2 black ed seeing more and more pairs sitting on shelves afterwards.

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