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WASHINGTON vans old skool noir , Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- Older people who don't get enough vitamin D may be more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's disease, according to research published Wednesday.

The study, published in the American Academy of Neurology journal Neurology, looked at 1,658 adults aged 65 and over http://www.oldskoolsolde.fr/ , who were able to walk unaided and were free from dementia, cardiovascular disease and stroke at the start of the study.

After an average of six years, 171 participants developed dementia and 102 had Alzheimer's disease.

The study found that people with low levels of vitamin D had a 53-percent increased risk of developing dementia and those who were severely deficient had a 125-percent increased risk compared to participants with normal levels of vitamin D.

Similar results were recorded for Alzheimer's disease, with the moderately deficient group 69 percent more likely to develop this type of dementia, jumping to a 122 percent increased risk for those severely deficient.

The results remained the same after researchers adjusted for other factors that could affect risk of dementia vans old skool haute pas cher , such as education, smoking and alcohol consumption.

"We expected to find an association between low vitamin D levels and the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, but the results were surprising," study author David Llewellyn of the University of Exeter in Britain said in a statement. "We actually found that the association was twice as strong as we anticipated."

Llewellyn said clinical trials are now needed to establish whether eating foods such as oily fish or taking vitamin D supplements can delay or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Dementia is one of the greatest challenges of our time, with 44 million cases worldwide vans old skool pas cher , a number expected to triple by 2050 as a result of rapid population aging. A billion people worldwide are thought to have low vitamin D levels and many older adults may experience poorer health as a result.

Vitamin D comes from three main sources: exposure of skin to sunlight, foods such as oily fish, and supplements. Older people's skin can be less efficient at converting sunlight into vitamin D, making them more likely to be deficient and reliant on other sources, the researchers said.

Many pet owners know just how expensive taking their pets to the veterinarian can end up being. However Acheter Chaussures Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Blanche Pas Cher , it can also be frustrating when this veterinarian treatments are not able to cure the problem. Much of the time, the Veterinarian cures for Mange do not work and are expensive. Mange is actually cause by teeny mites burrowing below the dogs skin. Read more about Dog Mange Treatment

If your pets skin is red and extremely irritated and your pet cannot stop scratching these are signs of a serious condition. The pets’ skin is no doubt, infected from these mites eating the skin of your pet. The mange mite can also affect humans however; it is, referred to as scabies in humans. The human treatment consists of doctor prescribed lotion or body shampoo used repeatedly to treat daily, until the mites are all Acheter Chaussures Nike Air Max TN Plus Homme Noir Grise , cleared away.

Some home cures work much better and so are, made from all natural ingredients. All of the treatments can end up being, made from products around your home. However, you must be aware that by using any of the home remedies found on the net the remedies could harm the animal. Do not wet your canine put the shampoo mixture directly within the skin and hair. Massage this into the affected areas and let the shampoo sit on the dog for five minutes. Use this shampoo to treat the dog thoroughly several times per week. The reason for the applying the petroleum jelly is to suffocate the mange mites. The petroleum jelly will also help the dry scaling skin that the mites have created on your pet. The pet will beautiful the petroleum jelly soothing your skin layer and preventing this constant itching.

Are Home remedies For Dog Mange Helpful?

Dog mange is a potentially serious problem. Symptoms of mange include excessive itching and scratching as well as fur loss. Since dog mange can be serious, if you notice the symptoms of mange you’ll want to treat it immediately. Fortunately Chaussures Homme Nike Air Presto Safari Noir Jaune Pas Cher , there are effective home remedies for mange that can provide your pet with relief from the itching, scratching and loss of fur associated with mange.

The next herbal supplements are regarded as helpful for canine mange: Echinacea, astragalus and arabinogalactans. These herbal treatments are given orally generally. They help fight mange by maximizing your dog’s immune system.

Herbal supplements alone may not be a strong enough home remedy for treating mange, so in addition to herbal supplements, you may also want to apply aloe vera Chaussures Nike Air Presto Grise Rose Femme Pas Cher , Vitamin E and tea tree oil directly to the areas of your dog’s skin that are affected by dog mange. Some undiluted essential oils are toxic, so be sure to read the instructions and precautions before applying essential oils to your dog’s skin.

Mange is caused by mites in your own dog’s skin, so so that they can treat mange effectively, you must eradicate the mites. One inexpensive and effective solution to kill off mites is always to spread a skinny layer of petroleum jelly on your dog’s fur.

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