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Changes and trends in the sociocultural environment present significant challenges to the strategic marketing planner. People’s basic beliefs, attitudes and values are shaped and conditioned by the society in which they grow up. Their general behaviour, nike air max 1 womens black sale including of course their purchasing behaviour, is profoundly influenced by societal and cultural norms.

Finding a business solution that allows this leading apparel and footwear maker to align its demand and supply in a way that minimizes inventory and improve customer service levels. Business users were not satisfied with existing implementation of the demand planning system.The central idea of managing diversity is that this organizational improvement is to be achieved through recognizing, nike air max 1 womens leopard cheap valuing, promoting and utilizing diversity _ whereby diversity refers to many, if not all sorts of differences between individuals (Michael Fischer, 2007).

Core cultural and social values are firmly established within a society and are generally difficult to change. If and when they do change, they do so only slowly. In the short term, therefore, they should be treated as parameters within which marketing strategies need to be formulated. However, nike air max 1 womens gold sale over a period of say 20 to 30 years, we can expect some social and cultural values to have changed dramatically. (Geoff Lester, 1993)

Diversity management does not possess any particular or authoritative definition. Rather Diversity management actually refers to set o ideas and practices defined differently by different authors. As the name quotes, nike air max 1 womens sale cheap diversity management is part of strategic management. This managerial approach is mostly used as top-down. It means maximizing diversity’s potential benefits (for example, greater cultural awareness and broader language skills) while minimizing the potential barriers (like prejudices and bias) that can undermine the company’s performance (Gary Desler, Human Resource Management).

Technology is a major environmental influence upon marketing strategy. This influence is manifested in a variety of ways. For example, developments and breakthroughs in technology are the basis for new products and sometimes new industries. Home computers, nike air max 1 womens pink sale compact disc players, video recorders and instant cameras are just a few of the product which have emerged in recent years. Biotechnology, information technology and energy conservation are just a few of the new industries. (Geoff Lester, 1993)

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