#1 another heart pandora jewelry design von Suradien 15.06.2017 11:33

Finally, this is how I am actually wearing my Filled with Romance charm on my dark blue leather bracelet! I was thinking of adding a few pieces to go with it including the Pandora Fascinating Iridescent murano and the Starshine spacers, but I actually really like it just on its own for now. The FwR is something of a statement piece, and can more than pandora two tone rings hold its own! I know that we all get tired of hearts, but sometimes Pandora come out with a design that is special enough to make you see past the fact that it is, in fact, another heart design.
This is quite a substantial collection for the winter season compared to previous years, and I am actually a little more excited for it than I am for the Autumn release this year which is very unusual for me! It is true that this collection is sadly lacking in plain silver designs, but I am planning pandora jewelry rings on mixing my new pieces in with some classic Pandora silvers to create a nice mixture of colour. My must haves are the Dainty Bow clip and safety chain, plus the Puppy, Red Nosed Reindeer and Holly murano all of which will be going on my first dedicated Christmas bracelet. I am also so pleased to see another safety chain design, bringing up the total of new safety chains to an amazing three!
It would be nice to see them do a gingerbread house or some mistletoe, or just some kind of entirely new pandora holiday motif we have not seen before. I am hoping to get the new blush Pandora Radiant Hearts charm and the Green Looking Glass murano, pandora charms and the new Dragonfly Meadow openwork as my freebie. One of the collection most anticipated charms, the Angel Wings pendant actually opens like a locket to reveal a pretty enamel centre. The pink enamel is actually very soft in shade, similar in tone to the pandora Asia exclusive Complete my Heart pendant. The Majestic Feathers openwork is inspired by the beauty of the phoenix according to Pandora and would make a nice complement to the existing Light as a Feather pave openwork.
The Pandora Fantasia pandora princess rings charm is being released in a limited edition piece. Its sparkly blue enamel matches the popular Mickeys Sorcerers Hat charm, and I am sure this one will be very popular too. I am certainly tempted! The Disney Parks Vacation Club bead will be out a little later and available from Disney Parks stores and the online stores. We have a set of location exclusive charms, which as far as I am aware will not be offered generally in the Parks or online at the Disney Store. There are two new Disney Cruise line exclusive charms: a heart, and an anchor. The Anchor pendant appears to have a little two tone detailing.This pandora pendant is another exclusive charm for the Disney Parks Aulani resort.
As far as I am aware, this is not limited edition, so there is no hurry to grab one Pave Heart clasp while they are still around. The clasp itself is identical to last year Mothers Day bangle, with clear pave on one side and plain silver detailing on the other. I also have to have the Pandora Flower Garden murano and both of pandora ringe fabrikverkauf the Pandora Pink and Purple shimmer muranos, which all look beautiful. The Dazzling Daisy Fairy is pretty, too, despite being derivative and the Spring Time pendant disc charm with the pink enamel is also cute.

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