#1 Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is launch von Scarlett Parkin 30.08.2017 07:31

cheap pandora charms sale preview, with a full look at the Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection! I previously posted a couple of sneak peeks, but we now have good quality stock images, prices, and the full set of new beads coming out for this collection. Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. They should also be launched in all regions that carry the Disney line.

FIrst up, we have nine new Disney Petites, all pandora christmas charms sale themed. There are sparkling classics (top row) that are suggested to be worn together, and then some bright enamels to represent Mickey & Minnie’s signature items of clothing. Mickey’s glove and shorts are really wonderfully distinctive, but I’m not so sure that I’d have got Minnie’s skirt without being told! My understanding is that the first set of Mickey/Minnie petites will be out with the Autumn 2017 collection at the end of August, with the other charms due out for Winter 2017 in November.

As you know, I could not be more thrilled for Bambi charms, and I already have a pandora charms sale clearance bracelet made up and ready with two spaces for each of the dangles! I’m a little concerned that they might be a tad heavy/clunky, but the detailing on their faces looks adorable, and you can appreciate it more from these stock images. The bright sapphire enamel of Stitch on the L&S charm is very pretty, too, but I have never seen that film! The Mickey/Minnie petites and charms interest me less, primarily as they’re very similar to what has been put out before – but it’s cool to see them in Floating Locket form, too.

The night sky is captured in the Cosmic Stars pieces of the new collection. Bursts of light-catching stones are set in a pendent, cocktail and band rings, stud earrings and charms to create a stunning look for any winter occasion. Stack the Cosmic Stars rings to create a dazzling statement piece. Celestial charms in 14k gold and sterling silver are a stylish addition to a charm bracelet or necklace chain. The new braided leather bracelet in navy blue is the perfect backdrop for the Follow the Stars and the Night Sky openwork charms. The astronomic-themed pieces in this collection will add to the magic of the season. Company Cmdr. Aaron Knot said their support has helped the 1345th, also called Rolling Thunder, get through the past year in the pandora charms sale uk.

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