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in front of him. Then he pulled himself to his feet, taking his weight on the wrists, and went to his duty. Unless he was present at the execution, it would not be a legal one. “She is in a white shift.” They stood together quietly, watching like people who must not feel. There was a numbness in their crisis, which forced language into conversational levels. “Aye.” “What are they doing?” & quot;I dinna ken.” “Praying, I suppose.” “Aye. Yon is the bishop in front.” They examined the praying. “How straege they look.” mbts outlet “They are just ordinary.” “Do you think I could sit down,” he asked, like a child, “now that I have shown myself?” “Ye maun stay.” “I don’t think I can mbt discount .” “Ye must.” . “But Gawaine, if she were to glance up?” “If ye dinna stay, it willna be right at law.” Outside, in the foreshortened market-place under the window, they seemed to be singing a hymn. It was impossible to distinguish the words or melody. They could see the processional clerics busy about the decencies of death, and the twinkling knights standing motionless, and the people’s heads, like baskets of coco-nuts, round the outside of the square. It was not easy to see the Queen. She was too much obscured,in the eddies of the ceremonial, being led in this and that mbt shoes online direction, being converged upon by small coveys of officials or of confessors, being introduced to the executioner, being persuaded to kneel down and pray, being exhorted to stand up and make a speech, being aspersed, being given candles to hold, being forgiven and being asked to forgive, being carried patiently onward, being ushered out of life with circumstance and dignity. There was mbt shoes clearance sale nothing dingy, at any rate, about a legal murder in the Age of Darkness. The King asked: “Can you see any rescue coming?” “Nay.” “It seems a long time.” Outside the window, the chanting ceased, making a distressing silence. “How much longer?” “Some minutes yet.” “They will let her pray?” “Aye, they will let her.” The old man suddenly asked: “Do you think we ought to pray?” “If ye wish it.” “Ought we to kneel down?” “I doubt it matters.” “What shall we say?” “I dinna ken.” “Shall I say the Our Father? It is all I can remember.” mbt shoes online “That will do fine.” “Shall we say it together?” “If Cheap mbts ye wish it.” “Gawaine, I fear I must kneel down.” “I will stand,” said the laird of Orkney. ? “Now…” They were beginning their unprofessional petition, when the faint bugle sounded from beyond the market. mbt lami “Whist, uncle!” The prayer fell at mid-word. “There is soldiers coming. Horses, I think!” Arthur was on his feet, was at the window. “Where?” “The trumpet!” And now, clear, shrill, exultant, the song of brass was piercing the room itself. The King, shaking Gawaine by the elbow, with trembling voice began to cry: “My Lancelot! I knew he would!” Gawaine forced his heavy shoulders through the frame. They were jealous for the view. “Aye. It is Lancelot!” “Look at him. In silver.” “The argent, a bend gules!” “The bonnie rider!” “Look at them all!” Indeed, it was worth looking. The market-place was an avalanche, like a scene from the Wild West. The baskets of fruit were broken, so that the coco-nuts poured down. The knights of the mbt uk guard were mounting, hopping cheap mbt beside their chargers with one foot in the stirrup, while each horse revolved about the axis of its rider. The acolytes were throwing away their censers. The priests were butting their way through the crowd. The bishop, who wanted to stay, was being bundled away towards the church, while his crosier came after him like a standard, carried high above the tumult by some faithful deacon. A canopy, which had been carried on four poles over somebody or something, was sinking with the poles askew, like a liner foundering in Atlantic. The onrushing tide, of flashing cavalry with clanking arms and brassy music, poured into cheap mbt shoes the square with feathers tossing as if they were the heads of Indians, their swords rising and falling like a strange machinery. Abandoned by the

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