#1 Promotional hints: pandora uk 3 for 2 ring promotion starts today! von Donald852 31.10.2017 07:09

Today brings a little more pandora charms sale uk holiday excitement, with a further update on some of the festive promos and extras they’ll be putting out this winter! Included are some updates on the Black Friday 2017 charm, winter gift sets and some other limited edition pieces. We also have a sneak peek at this year’s limited edition gift bag and matching gift packaging.:D. For those who are new to Pandora, every year they put out limited edition gift packaging in celebration of the festive season. Stores usually start offering this around the launch of the Winter collection, but some wait until nearer to Christmas. This year’s holiday gift bag is decked out half in dark green and half in cream, featuring gold lettering. It matches the Mother’s Day gift packaging, but in more festive colours! This image is courtesy of Sandra Frida, so please don’t reproduce it without crediting her.:). I previously posted a preview of the Bright Ornament charm, a limited edition bead coming up for the holiday season. This was definitely originally intended to be the Black Friday charm – I can’t show you the original catalogue page I saw, but it clearly labelled this charm as the BF limited edition bead, and it was originally going to retail for $75 USD or $85 CAD. However, in the US, it has been rebranded as the Rockettes’ charm in honour of pandora uk outlet sale collaboration with the Radio City Rockettes for the holiday season. They’ve bumped the price up to $85 USD instead, and have included an absolutely beautiful ornament presentation box, decked out in a matching colour scheme. The regular Festive Stocking charm, without the engraving, will also be sold in the US, but at the cheaper price of $45 USD. So, if you’d like the special box and engraving, it’ll be $20 more. I did get asked whether this was the new Black Friday charm for 2017, as the old one has been rebranded, but I don’t think so – it’s available for sale on the Pandora US estore and other retailers right now, so it seems just to be a bonus limited edition charm. However, I won’t be taking part in this promo, as there are some other great offers for the UK coming up this season. Starting with the launch of the Winter 2017 collection, we’ll be getting the Christmas ornament GWP, and then from 23 November, we’ll be getting the limited edition Heart of Winter bangle as a GWP as well! So I’ve got to plan my spending carefully. ^^

Plus, as you can see from this recent shot on my Instagram – I already have enough rings! The promotion guidelines are simple: buy three pandora charms uk sale rings of any value, and Pandora will let you have the lowest-priced ring for free! The promotion will run from the 29th of July until the 2nd of August (unless your local store is shut on a Sunday, in which case it will finish on the 1st). The offer applies both in store and online – you can get your Pandora rings from authorised retailer John Greed until Sunday. The ring promo offers a great opportunity to start your Pandora ring collection, or to indulge in some of Pandora’s newest rings! There have been some beautiful rings released so far this year, particularly for Spring 2015. This is a great deal, and a welcome end to the recent promotion drought we’ve been having in the UK.:( With the leather bracelet apparently not going ahead this year, we’re down to a grand total of two big promos – the ring promo and the silver bracelet promo, which will run later this year. Nevertheless, I’m excited that this one is still running and I have decided to take part this year, although I still haven’t made up my mind exactly what I want, haha. I have a little list that I will be taking in store and I guess it will be down to what catches my eye at the time!;)Will you be taking part in this promotion? Are you a fan of Pandora’s ring collections? Today sees the start of one of the UK’s most anticipated promotions of the year – the 3 for 2 ring promotion! Many Pandora collectors in the UK have been sorely missing promotions, as Pandora HQ have decreased the number of gift with promotions for the region, so this provides a welcome relief from the drought.;)The promotion guidelines are simple: buy three Pandora rings of any value, and Pandora will let you have the lowest-priced ring for free! The promotion will run from the 22nd of May until the 26th of May. The offer applies both in store and with most major UK online retailers. Readers from abroad should note that retailers are not allowed to ship outside of their geographical region; therefore, if you wish to indulge in this pandora uk sale clearance promotion, you will have to find someone from the UK to help you.

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