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Fibroids are usually tissue like substances which are found on the inner wall of the uterus of a woman. Fibroids are a mixture of the muscle tissue and other thread like substances from connective tissues which usually disappear after menopause. Fibroids also stop developing after puberty. In case you have a fibroid Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys , it would not give rise to another if you have crossed puberty or you have undergone menopause. Uterine Fibroids are also a part of your fibroid infection. Les us now discuss a few facts about this disease.

Fibroids Are Common Amongst Women

A fibroid is fairly common and 3 out of every 10 women are said to be infected by uterine fibroids. The most common age of contracting this infection is when you fall in the age group of 30 to 50 years. Although there have been cases wherein women in their early twenties have also been known to contract this disease. There can be various fibroids in a woman?s ovary and it is more likely that their number is more than one. Most women have several uterine fibroids and some can even have as many as a hundred. The size of a uterine fibroid can be as small as a ball point and as large as a basketball.

The Main Causes Of Fibroids

Fibroid tumors are a result of a sudden multiplication in the cell. The drastic cell growth, which initially was limited to a single muscle cell, takes the shape of multiple cells and this gives rise to a fibroid tumor. Although there is no known cause behind the growth of fibroid tumors, they may have been caused owing to a genetic defect. Medical researchers believe that ovarian fibroids may have been caused owing to programmed cell development since the birth of a female child. After puberty, when the females produce more estrogen, the chances of the development of a fibroid tumor are greatly increased.

The Main Symptoms

Fibroid tumor can be recognized through the means of a medical examination. It can also be detected by the patient at home. Heavy menstrual periods, which last for more than seven days Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys , can be a clear symptom of this disease. Moreover, when a women has an urge to urinate very frequently or when she feels full after eating small amounts of food, or has frequent constipation, it could be possible that the ovarian fibroids are pressing against your internal organs. At the same time, if you complain of constant pain in your pelvic region, you may be suffering from a fibroid infection.

They Seldom Lead To Cancer

Most women start to unnecessarily worry when they are diagnosed with fibroids. The main reason behind their worry is the possibility of a cancerous development. Fibroid treatment does not include the need to visit a cancer institute as they seldom lead to cancer. But at the same time, 1 in every 1000 women may develop cancer Cheap NHL Jerseys From China , which is also called leiomyosarcoma. The main symptoms of such cancerous tumors include heavy vaginal bleeding even after reaching menopause and a rapid growth of the tumor in the uterus.

They Seldom Cause Problems In Pregnancy

Fibroid pregnancy is often looked on as a cause for concern by women who are about to give birth or are in the process of doing so. Well, you need not worry because tumors rarely cause infertility and their percentage is limited to 2 to 3 of the total number of cases. The only known problem during fibroid pregnancy is the lack of comfort factor for both the child as well as the mother. Fibroids may block the child from coming through, often leading to a cesarean operation. In certain cases it may also lead to placental abruption and postpartum hemorrhage as well.
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