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It was a company that was formed by Trafton Cole, and Eddie Haan. This is where the nike huarache pas cher comes from. Anything that was made way back when, it had to be the very best quality. This is a Chicago based company, and they took great pride in anything, that was manufactured. Aside from sandals, Cole Haan manufactures many other items, such as their hand bags and their large variety of leather goods. When it comes to their shoe line, there isn't much that they don't carry by way of categories. They have a good selection of all types of footwear. There is no doubt that there is lots of cheap footwear on the open market today. It is often tempting to buy a pair of sandals just because the price is good. The problem in after a few wears they begin to look shabby and worn and soon after end up breaking a strap perhaps. So really there is no money savings in this case. It is much better to put out the extra money on a pair of Nike Air Angela Slide Cole Haan Sandals.

The nike huarache hommeare one of the most favorite sandals to be chosen. Like any of the shoes that are made by this manufacturer, they are of the very best quality and craftsmanship. The leather that is used in these sandals, is oiled with a special oil called vachetta. This is to make sure that the sandals are long-lasting and will not crack easily from drying out. Cole Haan NIKE AIR Huarache sling in vintage silver metallic leather at Robert Frost Fine Footwear and frostshoes.com. Huarache reimagined; shapely sling crafted in supple silver metallic leather with intricate and textural leatherr in hand-crafted artisan patterns and a wink to Mexican heritage. Concealed NIKE AIR technology for ultimate cushioning and maximum support. Fully leather lined. Fully padded sock liner. 3 1/3" stacked leather heel. Polished leather sole with mini platform. Cole haan NIKE AIR Huarache sling in vintage silver runs true to size at Robert Frost Fine Footwear and frostshoes.com. 

Most often with leather sandals, after being worn a few times they begin to show their wear and tear. This never happens with the Cole Haan shoes. When it comes to comfort, you can not find anything better on the market as well. Part of this is due to the fact that the inside of the sandals are leather lined with a special wrapped poly made sole. The outer sole of the sandal is rubber, which allows for extra cushioning. Then when you add this to the Nike air technology, you are going to get nothing but the utmost comfort. The heel that is on these particular sandals is a 55mm. wedge heel. It is a good cross between a flat sandal and a full heel. This again allows for extra comfort. Although there are many sandals within the Cole Haan line, the nike huarache femme is most favored, because it gives good support to the foot, while allowing it to breathe as most sandals do. There is also a good choice of colors when it comes to either brown or black. You can get the straight black, or the woodberry, which is a nice rich brown, in between a brown and a tan shade. 

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