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Air Force 1 effectively attaches a medallion to each of its shoe. The medallion reads "82" and can be pushed off the laces if you do not want it there. The shoes come in a great variety of hues and patterns. Especially after the upgrades, the color variety has become even more intense. Yet, the two colors which come into mind and that have been the favorite with Air Force 1 are Solid White and Solid Black. nike air force 1 rea found its growth in the years when hip-hop was celebrating its success in New York. Hip-hop artists were closely linked with basketball and the general road scene of New York. The shoes held them during their outings. With time, Air Force 1 got integrated into the conscience of America. The shoe line brings in roughly 1 billion USD for its parent company every year. Nike has suffered assaults from Adidas, Reebok and many world brands but it has survived and excelled. The same can be said about Nike Air Force 1 when we compare the stiff intra line competition. 

Sneakers, they are an old-time favorite shoe for both young and old. The more recognizable canvas and rubber shoes started to be produced in 1892. They were created to give more grip and comfort while walking and performing sports. Finally in 1917, they started to become mass produced and gained their name sneakers, as the people who wore them could sneak around without being heard. As sneakers became more popular, Nike started to compete with other shoe companies, in 1982. Bruce Kilgore created the first nike air force 1 herr shoes and named them after the plane which carries the American president. These sneakers were made with comfort of the wearer in mind, made with small pockets of gas for better cushion. This footwear was created as the first basketball shoes. 

It's quite funny a thought that those who long for these shoes were mostly unaware when Air Force 1 was born (in 1982). nike air force 1 dam is the first basketball shoe from Nike to bring in the vanguard Air Technology of Nike. You can get the best of these shoes in three texture-rich models. While the low top and the mid top can be easily found in all kinds of stores, it is usually difficult to find the high-top variety. A Velcro securable strap binds the mid top and the high top Nike shoes. While the mid top has the strap completely bound to the shoe, the high top keeps it flexible and ready to be removed at will. 

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