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Bring the Characters to Life with High School Musical Costumes Published: 21.10.2009 | Author: joyceamerson | Category: Holidays

High School Musical has been one of the all time favorite movie for kids and teenagers alike. You can now bring its memorable characters to life with all the amazing High School Musical Costumes available today.

Rubbies is known for introducing many High School Musical costumes. High school musical has been appreciated world-wide and the new generation surely has some immense potential. The singing and dancing talents are remarkable. Gabriella Montez along with Troy Bolton steals the show. For all Gabriella fans Rubies launches the High School Musical Deluxe Gabriella Child Small Costume combined with a Wig. This dress comes in a very attractive white dress with a glamorous blue bow can could look marvelous for Halloween or any theme party.

Disney is one of the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world that kids love and also brings back fond childhood memories of adults to life. It’s known for its family-friendly products. For every girl who has dreamed of being like a cheerleader from East High this one is for you. Disney Light-up High School Musical Cheerleader costume is a perfect two piece and the red adds an extra touch to it. When you press the button on the top the letters EHS light up and flash in many different colors. The best part of the costume is that it is genuine Disney design and its quality will never let you down. The integral part of the cheerleading costume is the Mylar pom poms Cheap Martin Havlat Jersey , two sets of the pom poms made of polyester and non-replaceable button-cell batteries. The striped, ribbed knit trim jersey has a very comfy fit and the elastic-waist pleated skirt is attached with leotard bottoms.

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